Dangerous Diva's Devious Disguises!
45 Minutes; Five Models

Preliminary research is occasionally necessary for Dangerous Diva's escapades, as when she took on the guise of a mild-mannered reporter for a local newspaper to pump naive little Jade Indica about a precious family heirloom! It was the ruthless woman in the catsuit, of course, who slipped into Jade's bedroom later that night, then ball- gagged and frog-tied her as the girl writhed in her skimpy nightgown. Helpless and bereft of her treasure, poor Jade finally understood how cruelly she'd been conned!

The caper figured to be a simple one: hit the office when it was almost deserted, tie and gag pretty secretary Franziska Facella, crack the safe and score one for Dangerous Diva! But when the safe failed to yield its booty, the Diva had to think fast! A brisk interrogation of Franziska revealed that her contact for delivering the sensitive device had been delayed; more promisingly, he'd never actually met Franziska! So after briskly stripping the frightened girl of her clothes, D. D. left the squirming blonde hogtied and tape-gagged in pantyhose on her desk and headed off to complete her score!

Molly Matthews seethed for months after Dangerous Diva wrecked her blackmail scheme and mocked her as Molly squirmed naked and trussed up in her bathtub! Now, with the help of her friend Ruby Luster, Molly was about to achieve a richly-satisfying revenge! Bound and ball-gagged, the Diva struggled as foul-smelling smoke filled the room around her -- she cursed herself for letting her guard down so completely! But Molly's plan collapsed as the Diva wriggled free of her bonds! First Molly, then both she and Ruby tasted bondage humiliation as only D. D. can dish it out! Legs spread and tied to a wooden bar, wrists roped together, Molly and Ruby squirmed naked and whimpered through their ball-gags as the Diva laughed last once again!


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