Dangerous Diva's Family Affair
56 Minutes; Four Models

"What's the worst that could happen?" reasoned Vanessa Cage when a friend asked her to hide a valuable device. Dangerous Diva provided the answer by overpowering the terrified girl in her bed and taping her mouth! Once the Diva stripped and hogtied the bewildered blonde beauty, she quickly located the prize, then entertained herself by toying with Vanessa's helpless naked body!

When a crusading DA vows to end Dangerous Diva's reign of terror against beautiful girls, the Dangerous One strikes back by treating his fiancee (Randy Moore) and sister (Emily Addison) to a harrowing afternoon of Diva-style bondage! Surprising first Emily, then Randy, the vindictive villainess gagged and trussed them separately, then allowed the stunned girls to struggle fearfully before bringing them together! Naked, ball-gagged and uncomfortably roped to bar-stools, the lovely young victims paid the price for a rash challenge to the Diva's prowess!

House-sitting for the summer was a dream come true for Jeanie Marie until Dangerous Diva turned it into a nightmare by auctioning her bound and naked body! Progressively rigging Jeanie's slender body into secure restraint while the shivering girl whimpered behind her tape-gag, the Diva completed her captive's bondage with a ball-tie, then called for bids from the depraved admirers of her artistry!


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