Dangerous Diva's Naked Prey
57 Minutes; Five Models

Just an ordinary office robbery, right: Safe wide open, papers strewn about, sexy secretaries Randy Moore and Jade Salerno bound and gagged on the floor? But nothing's mundane when Dangerous Diva orchestrates the action! Once she grabs the corporate records she craves, the Diva whisks Randy and Jade off to her lair, where she ropes the naked girls to prison bars that once briefly detained the Queen of Crime! Ball-gagged and crotch-roped, her squirming captives furnish the Diva with hours of perverse diversion!

The Diva pays tribute to vintage comic-book bondage covers when she turns luscious Kelly Collins into an unwilling replica of a 1940s-era damsel in distress! But our favorite artistic criminal enjoys keeping up with contemporary trends, which she illustrates at Kelly's expense by frog-tying and tape- gagging the naked blonde doll on her bed, then fondling the indignant girl's flesh and tickling her tender bare soles!

Adrianna Luna had a great idea: why keep sharing the profits of a lucrative identity-theft scam with partner Ella Milano when she could keep it all for herself? And who could do a better job of delivering the pink slip to Ella than Dangerous Diva? So Adrianna paid the Diva's price for doing the deed, then laughed at Ella's dismay as the buxom little nude was bound and gagged by the cat-suited villainess! If she'd known the Diva better, however, Adrianna wouldn't have been so shocked when she found herself sharing Ella's plight! Writhing trussed-up and tape-gagged on the floor, the bare-skinned grifter-girls mutter angrily in response to the Diva's sarcastic thanks for her new business!


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