It's Dangerous To Disrespect The Diva
65 Minutes; Four Models

Johanna Dillon's a "public-spirited citizen" who boasted about driving the Dangerous Diva out of town! What an unpleasant surprise, then, for sweet young Johanna when the Diva emerged from her brief retirement, bound and gagged the shocked girl, then bared her breasts and pussy as she stood helpless and fearful! A double dose of humiliation seemed in order so, before leaving, the Diva turned Johanna into a naked, ball-tied and tape-gagged community activist groveling on the floor!

Light-hearted thievery and bondage play is one thing but a protection racket that threatens the life and limbs of a disabled senior citizen is criminally unacceptable! So when the Diva learned that a pair of wannabe tough girls named Melissa Jacobs and Lexi Stone were bullying an old friend, she took great pleasure in helping them see the error of their ways by trussing their naked bodies as they squirmed on a bed, sealing their foul mouths with tape and convincing them that they were in the wrong line of work!

The Diva enjoys righting wrongs, but vigilante adventures don't pay the bills, so she was all ears when a rumor floated around that a very successful embezzler was hiding a large stash of his ill-gotten gain at his girlfriend's house! Happily for the lustful Diva, the girlfriend was an absolute knockout named Adrienne Manning who she surprised as the bare- breasted doll was dipping her dainty toes in the swimming pool! Once the frightened Adrienne was tied, gagged and struggling on the floor in her panties, the Diva quickly located a safe but couldn't crack it, so she had to request her captive's assistance with the combination! Resistant at first, Adrienne caved soon after the application of vigorous tickling to her bare soles! Once the Diva had hogtied and ball-gagged luscious and squirming Adrienne, she emptied the safe and left a little note reminding the embezzler that, after all, crime doesn't pay!


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