Dangerous Diva's Talent For Trouble!
51 Minutes; Six Models

Dangerous Diva surprised Angie Savage in her bedroom a few days after she overheard the foxy blonde boasting about her jewelry collection! Angie's jewelry was merely glass and paste but the bondage she experienced at the Diva's hands was uncomfortably authentic!

Kidnapping was one crime Dangerous Diva had never committed, but when an ultrawealthy client made her an offer she couldn't refuse, the Diva abducted luscious redhead Ivy Irish after tying and tape gagging bodyguard Nikki Nefarious! As she roped the scantily clad Ivy and taped her mouth while preparing her for display, the Diva congratulated herself on a job well done...but the mysterious moneyman had an unpleasant surprise waiting for her!

From time to time, Dangerous Diva will practice her skill on hapless captives just to stay sharp -- and to have a little forbidden fun! Such was the motive for Diva's invasion of a home belonging to Nikky Thorne and Ariella Ferrara, who were stripped, bound and tape gagged by the Dark Lady, then trussed breast to breast on their bed!


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