Hello -- you can call me the Dangerous Diva! I have a taste for the finer things in life -- fine wine, fast cars, first-class travel -- but honest work has never appealed to me. So I steal! No, not a unique vocation, but I am a rather specialized burglar. When an opportunity for stealthy theft presents itself, I'm quick to act -- but only if a specific condition exists! Whether I'm burgling on my own or carrying out assignments for clients who can afford my skills, there must be pretty girls to bind and gag!

Yes, no matter what the monetary rewards might be, if I can't enjoy the sight of a lovely captive struggling in bondage as I gather up my loot, why bother?"

I like sharing my adventures with my friends. Take a look around. I offer DVDs, Downloadable Video, Video on Demand and Photo Sets. My guess is that you will like what I have to offer, especially if you enjoy seeing beautiful women tied up and gagged on-screen. I wouldn't want you to miss all the fun...

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